Corbolicious Cakes

Specializing in baking cakes and decorating for your every occasion!!

Welcome to my world of Corbolicious Cakes!! I have always enjoyed baking all things sweet since I can remember and decided to try my skills on Cake Decorating in 2012, and found my long, lost passion!
Everything I make is from scratch - as thats half the fun - the other half is decorating! I am always testing my skills and learning new things, I simply love all things tasty and creative!
Flavours -
Chocolate Mud Cake
Chocolate and Coconut Mud Cake
Chocolate and Mud Peppermint Cake
Chocolate and White Chocolate Marble Mud Cake
Chocolate and Hazelnut Mud Cake
White Chocolate Mud Cake
White Chocolate and Coconut Mud Cake
White Chocolate Lemon and Coconut Mud Cake
White Chocolate and Raspberry Mud Cake
White Chocolate and Banana Mud Cake
Caramel Mud Cake
Caramel and Banana Mud Cake
Butter Cake
Red Velvet

Cupcake Flavours -
Fluffy Vanilla
Chocolate Mud
White Chocolate Mud
Red Velvet

Buttercream -

Ganache - White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

I am so excited to make your special cake, feel free to email or message me for a quote!

P.S I currently still work Part-Time and have a toddler, if I don't get back to your email/message straight away, please be patient, I will answer it as soon as I can :-)

Jade xx